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The Dudes That Babel

The Dudes That Babel podcast is simply ministry-related nonsense. Hosted by 3 Twin Cities Catholic Youth Ministers, follow along with H, John, and Austin as they talk about all things Catholic and cultural!

Jan 31, 2020

What is the March for Life all about? Why should you attend the March for Life? How does the appearance of President Trump at the March impact the Pro-Life Movement?

Jan 24, 2020

What do you get at Catholic Schools that you won't get at public schools?

Jan 17, 2020

What if everyone was excited to receive the Body and Blood of Christ?

"The Importance of Communion 2020" by Francis Chan


Jan 10, 2020

Why do we have Resolutions? Why do we fail so easily? How do we sustain them? What are some good faith resolutions outside of the cliche ones?

Jan 3, 2020

Looking back at the Catholic headlines of the 2010s with a panel! We take a look at the good and the bad, and give our thoughts as we wrap up the past decade and look hopefully to the next.