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The Dudes That Babel

The Dudes That Babel podcast is simply ministry-related nonsense. Hosted by 3 Twin Cities Catholic Youth Ministers, follow along with H, John, and Austin as they talk about all things Catholic and cultural!

Jun 28, 2019

In this episode, H, John, and Austin are joined by their new roommate Fernando Aragon as they go through the modern arts and draft the best line up. The way that it will work is that each Dude will draft one Christian book, movie, song, or speaker each round, and you, the listener, will vote on who has the best line...

Jun 21, 2019

Welcome back to the podcast! We have another guest on the podcast this week, Saint Paul's Outreach Missionary Alec Wegge. We will be talking about SPO, Evangelization, and the importance of prayer. Enjoy the podcast!

Jun 14, 2019

Hey everyone! In this episode, H, John, and Austin will be talking about moderation. You've heard the classic Catholic saying, "Everything is good in moderation." Are there exceptions to this saying? Or is it correct in every way?



Jun 7, 2019

We have another guest on the podcast with us, Peter Longoria. Peter is currently a missionary for Fellowship of Catholic University Students, a.k.a. FOCUS. He stopped at our house on the way up to training at University of Mary. On this podcast, we talk about FOCUS, Peter's conversion, and evangelization.


Enjoy the...